8 Tastiest Cell Phone Straps

If you are often missing your launch because of work or often losing your appetite because of stress on works, let’s get these cell phone straps to stimulate your appetite so you can have meals properly.

below is an arrays of Tasty Food Shaped cell phone straps from chinese foods, Japanese sushi, french breads, so on and so on. All strap is mouth watering guaranteed! :)

1. Delicious croissant and Bread

Bread and Croissant cell phone strap

Bread chomper would love this one. Let’s exactly like the hot from oven bread and croissant.

2. Tasty Raw Sushi, Seeweed (Nigiri) and Fried Octopus

Sushi, Seeweed and Fried Octopus Cell Phone Strap

Fried octopus is pretty popular in Japan. Nope, I’ve never had a chance visiting Japan. But I’m sure because you can see this food in almost all of their Anime Animation. :)

3. Cream on the Top!

Ice Cream Cell Phone Strap

Now you tell me who dislike Ice cream, especially in summer time? :) But make sure you aren’t hungry enough to chomp this plastic! There a same ice cream strap design which I’ve covered some time ago. It’s even more realistic because it’s palm size and flavored!

4. Yum-yum Ramen Noodle

Ramen Mobile Phone Strap

Believe it or not, Noodle is a big life saver and time saver. It’s broke workers or Students Maiden of life for daily survival! But this is not a real noodle! I’ve warn you~!

5. Tempura Tempura!

Tempura fried Shrimp Cell Phone Straps

Tempura is a Japanese Style Fried Shrimps. Before they fried the shrimp, they put the shrimp into the mixed and spiced flour. OMG, it’s my favorite but I can’t eat them!

6. It’s Cookies Time!

Cookies Straps

This bunch of straps really looks so inviting. Cookie Cruncher would love to hang bunch of them on their cell phone for sure.

7. Fried Rice in a Spoon

Fried Rice Strap for Cell Phone

Fried rice it a traditional food in my country. Pretty easy to make and taste really good. Use butter as the oil and combine several spices to bring the taste up. I’ve never thought Japanese would make it to a strap!

8. Open your big Mouth – Hamburger’s coming!

Hamburger fast food strap for cell phone

Here it comes the hamburger and hotdogs version of Cell Phone Strap. Any idea how it taste? 😉

So, anymore Tasty strap to share?

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