Pressure-Free Eyewear Concept Design by WJ Kim

A normal eyewear is pretty much pinching our nose and leaving a mark of the rounded rubbers. This conceptual design of eyewear by WJ Kim is practically pressure-free for your nose.

Sunglasses Eyewear Concept Design

It’s an unique concept of eyewear since nowsdays design is just so repetitive with the foldable frame. WJ Kim turn this around by designing a whole round of frame and I believe the frame is a flexible hard rubber material.

Come complete with the frames for your ears so it will stay firm at the right position for the lens to protect your precious eyes. Though I don’t have further information about what is the material of the lens, but I hope WJ Kim would consider to use the same material as Numa Tactical eyewear, which is an unbreakable material for eyeswear. :)

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  • Gardner Wade

    This “U” frame was designed at Oakley over 10 years ago to remove the nasal contact points. Prior art exists in our files.

    Gardner Wade
    Director of Engineering

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