Sakku – Funky Solar Laptop Bags

Another Solar Bag comes in a “coming Soon” Mask for U.S. market. But it’s far better than Voltaic Generator Laptop Bag, which has missed their launching day and now the release date remain unknown.

This Solar Laptop Bag is call Sakku, sounds like a Japanese Production, right? Well Nope, Sounds like that but not from Japan. It’s from Switzerland and if you understand Swedish, you can visit their site here.

Sakku means “Friend” or “Buddy”, so Sakku Solar Bags plan to be your buddy while traveling around the road, especially under the bright sun shine. Sakku Solar Bag will help you charge your little gadgets while you are moving around the corner of the street.

“It’s always nice to come across a solar bag that is all around good for the environment. As opposed to just having the solar element going for it. Well this line of bags from Sakku uses old sails for the material of the bag itself.”

— Ally |

“This little sunshine Buddy comes in many rainbow colors to match the bright and sunny mood of summer time.”

— Julia |

Currently available at UK for price range €175 – €245 or $275 – $385.

( Via Coolest Gadgets and Talk2MyShirt )

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