Sweet Honey – Aroma Therapy MP3 Player

Aroma therapy is very interesting since it can effect on our mind and calm those tensioning nerves down. It’s very clever for a designer to combine this blissful healthy smell with our lovely technology invention such as MP3 player and deliver the smells to our nose when hearing on a nice music tunes.

This, somehow has been successfully concepted by Korean, and they named it as Sweet Honey MP3 Player.

Sweet Honey Aroma Therapy MP3 Player

It’s pretty simple name, yet meaningful. The shape represent a honey hive and it delivers a nice smell through the earphone to your nose.

Sweet Honey MP3 Player LCD Display

The LCD display is at the bottom of the hive, and you can simply refill your aromat therapy product after opening the cap at the top of the hive.

( via yankodesign )

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