AirBoard – Walnut Board for Apple Wireless Keyboard

Another great product has come to the front line of Bird Electron’s inventory. Bird Electron is a Japanese company, who in the past has invented a cool looking envelop style laptop sleeve.

Now they rolled out AirBoard for Apple’s wireless keyboard. Airboard is basically a rich dark wood as a tray for the metalic aluminum finish Apple keyboard. When the keyboard placed on this Airboard, it looks like the nature has blend in to the technology perfectly and offer you a perfect enjoyment when typing.

AirBoard Tray Board for Apple Wireless Keyboard

The palm rest is pretty spacious and you won’t feel hot because basically wood (walnut) can absorb some heats.

“Sure, the AirBoard is literally a piece of wood, but it’s a piece of wood perfectly shaped to fit and compliment the Apple Keyboard like a good sportscoat over a dress shirt.”

— Unplggd | Appartment Therapy

Airboard - Tray for Apple wireless Keyboard

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