Huge Digital LED Clock with Multi-Purpose Shelves

Here is another huggie biggie Digital LED Clock for your room decoration. Previously we have the Biggest Digital Wall Clock to fool people into thinking as a Plasma TV and the Time Table to help you remember the time.

Now this huge digital clock is acts as a Shelves for your Books, CDs, DVDs, or almost anything else that you can stuff in.

It’s kind of a multi purpose gadget for your room. The design is pretty nice since it uses the edge of the shelves pretty well to fit the clock in.

“This ingenious storage system doubles as a giant LED clock, so you’ll actually be getting some utility out of an otherwise single-purpose bookshelf.”


“The area not taken up by shelf space contains LED strips that act as a clock. And when you look for the time, you’ll always see your stuff.”


This Huge Digital LED Clock is available only in Hongkong with unknown price. You can dig through their Hongkong site at (English Language).

( via Technabob )

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