Talk To The Hand Notes with Recycled Paper

Having a bad habit to scribe something down on your palm? Why worry since there is an alternative for your palm now! Here is the “Talk To The Hand” Recycled paper for noting down your ideas.

Talk To The Hand is a Hand shaped Notes with recycled paper. With up to 200 sheets of paper palm, you can absolutely erase the needs to scribe something on your own palm again!

well, if you need to talk about a habit, I know it’s impossible to change it overnight. Talk To The Hand Notes is about a tool to trick your mind into thinking it’s your hand so you can write anything freely. If you want to ask me it’s useful or not, I guess you’ll need to find that answer by yourself! :)

“I will never have to wash my hands for hours again”

John Nouanesing | The Designer

It’s different with the To Do Tattoo at PerpetualKid, you won’t even bother to touch water!

Design by John, you can get to know more about his creation over at his site at JohnNouanesing.

( via BookofJoe )

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