Booster Blades – Skating by Stomping the Ground

Booster Blades is a new concept for your rollerskating fever. Unlike the sideways wheels design or the inline roller skates, booster blades require no sideways pushing to move forward. Or, we can say that with booster blades, rollerskating has never been easier!

You only need a gentle Stomping on the ground while wearing the pair of booster blades to move forward. Check the following video to understand deeper.

It looks so more like a natural walking. But if you look far enough, the user is so much like a clown wearing a super height shoes walking fast!

Well, no intention to tease anybody here. If you dislike the new method of boosting while skating, you can freely ‘lock’ the chain to get a normal chic looking roller skater. 😉

( More info: OhGizmo | Product Page )

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