Excessory Baggage – Puppy Shaped Leather Bag

Do you mind to bring a puppy while doing your shopping? Oh well, don’t shocked when you look at the puppy below! It’s not cool stuff anymore. It’s Amazingly Fabulous (Though a little bit freaky)!

Excessory Baggage Puppy

It’s a leather bag with gold painting and the “Pity” puppy shape really sucks my eyes and made me shout OMG!

It’s looks so real that I want to pet it! :)

Made by Meryl Smith for the group exhibition at the Honey Space. Each artist was asked to create their own sculptures that fit the measurement requirements for international carry-on luggage. So Meryl comes up with such an cruel but cute puppy leather bag for the exhibition.

I wonder if this carrying bag really could passed the guard at the airport?!

(via Xiqi[Chinese] | Translated )

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