Hare and Turtle Race Clock by Ignacio Pilotto

Turtle and Hare is a great child story when I was a child. It content a great wisdom that fast doesn’t always beat slow. Never feel you are better then other because other can beat you in no time without your acknowledgment.

Base on such a good wisdom, Ignacio Pilotto transform it into a clock by fusing the slow and fast together. It’s brilliant to have this clock hanging on your wall.

race Clock by Ignacio Pilotto

Beside letting you know the current time, you will get to see a never-ending race of this two legendary hare and turtle chasing for the goal. The design isn’t comes with numbering around the clock, it might represent the simplicity in the ancient time, where the story takes place.

Now, it doesn’t mean fast is bad and slow is good. It’s about the balancing acts of life where both are important and one cannot live with the other.

Hare and Turtle Race Clock

The hare indicated the Second which always fast and furious, while our cute little turtle is pointing to the minute. Designed by Ignacio Pilotto, I would become his biggest fan if I can back to my kindergarten time. 😉

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  • Thank you for the publication!

    • You are very welcome! 😉
      your concept is very interesting. Hope I could actually own this clock!

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