High Capacity Solar Charger Battery

Tired of waiting Solar Gorrila to hit the market? Here I found the best solution as the alternative to Solar Gorrila.

It’s a product from Chinavasion with no specific name, just a simple “High Capacity Solar Charger Battery” for either your PC Laptop or Mobile Phone.

It’s a 20,000 mA/H portable solar charger for recharging small devices from 5V to the largest 24V such as laptop. This High Capacity Solar Charger also comes with a complete set of 11 laptop adapters (for Asus, HP, Samsung, ACer, Dell, IBM, NEC, Toshiba, Sony, yada-yada!), and also included 13 Mobile Phone Adapter for all popular cell phone brands.

Chinavasion won’t forget about the protection and warranty. This High Capacity Solar Charger comes with protection on:

  • Overcharge
  • Discharge
  • Short Circuit
  • OverHeat, and
  • 1 year full warranty

So, what else do you need? :)

It’s really a good gadget if your country often have an electricity problem like mine. Only for $149.45, this high Capacity Solar charger will be yours!

You can get it at Chinavasion, and if you are going purchase for your friends or family, you will get a discount price based on how many unit you’re going to get. The more the cheaper, only at Chinavasion.

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  • Sanu Rahman

    i love your site,because it has given me lots of data’s.please inform me with new updates

    • Hi Sanu! Thanks for dropping a comment. If you enjoy our site, please invite your friend or subscribe to our feed to get all of the new updates. :)

  • Grim90

    i wonder, do all those solar things make enough power from the solar panel to normally charge you devices or it needs to be charged so it can charge other thing? cuz it would be crap if i had to wait for the thing to charge for about 5 hours and then i can finally plug other devices to it…

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