Lisco USB Snake – Stylish Wristband USB Cable

Another unique creation of USB cable has occured and you probably won’t miss this one because it’s so eye-catchy!

Transforming a wristband into a snake-like with the head as the USB 2.0 and tail as the mini USB connector.

“With the Lisco USB Snake by Laurent Hongisto, just slap the USB snake on your wrist and not only will you look fashionable, but you will also never have to go searching for your USB cable again.”

— by YankoDesign

Previously we got the Vibrating Bluetooth Wristband which can automatically notify you by vibration when you’ve got a call. But Lisco USB snake Wristband is different. It’s just a common cable, but with some fashionable looking added to the show.

More Picture on this silky snappy snake at Yanko.

( Via GeekAlert )

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