i-Knock IM Notifier – Smacks Its Own Head When Replies Coming

Missing a reply from your friends in IM is pretty frustrating if they want to talk about something important. I often missed one or two replies and when I realized there is a nudged from my them, they’ve already gone!

Now if you plan to be alarmed every times there a reply, wherever you are or how busy you are, there is a fun gadget over at Geeky Gadgets that will help you by Smacking its Own Head and Singing your Favorite songs.

Here is the fun gadget:

This gadget is called i-Knock IM Notifier. Beside it will knock its own head when a replies coming, the jaws also chomping like talking. You can even go further to customize the sounds to fit your needs and i-Knock IM Notifier also recognize and react to 20 IM emoticons!

Check out this video for more detail:

“Waiting for that person to reply or log on, but cant be tied to the PC? The i-Knock is here to help. When you receive a message, e-mail or when a person logs on, the i-Knock goes to work with aural and visual alerts so youll know even if youre not at the desk.”

— By Stysen


  • Works with Skype, MSN, Yahoo & other Instant Messengers
  • Message, Mail & User Log-on Notification
  • Easy to Use USB Plug NPlay
  • Customizable MP3 Sound Alerts
  • Special Alerts for Over 20 Emoticons

One last thing that is pretty important is i-Knock IM Notifier is compatible for Vista. Well, Vista is well-known of its compatibility issue. It’s pretty important to know whether a gadget is compatible or not if you have Vista installed on your PC.

No word on the pricing yet. Since this is a unique IM notifier, for you who love chatting and don’t want to miss a single word from your friends, you have to add this to your waiting and purchase list. 😉

( Stysen via Geeky-Gadgets )

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