TriggerPack – Unique Design CD Jewel Case

Let me introduce you to TriggerPack, an unique CD Jewel Cases with a trigger to store your important CD. TriggerPack makes storing CDs, DVD, HD-DVD, or even the monster Bluray in a snap!

It’s so easy like inserting a CD into your car’s CD player and as effortless as pressing the eject button to remove the CD. TriggerPack design comes with a trigger, yep that’s obvious. The trigger function as both for ejecting and a locking arms to secure your disc into its indestructible plastic case.

“They are an ideal way to give your cd projects a kick without the expense of printed packaging – simply print or label your cds, slot them in, and you’ve got a real attention getting package.”

The case is only available in one transparent color, but the trigger has something different. You can choose from 5 colors according to your tastes. It seems you can get it for individual. The smallest package is consist of 200 Cases for $110. If you go the product page now, you will get a special offer of $10 discount for the black color trigger jewel case.

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