ASUS Vito W1 Wireless Laser Mouse – Really Heart Touching!

Do you keep your emotion cool today? Are you tired, or your feel sad today? Guys, sometimes we will lost of own self monitoring and don’t even know how is our real feeling.

But worry not, here comes a pulse detector from ASUS, which can detect your feeling through your pulse when holding your mouse, and transmit it seamlessly through your PC and show your current emotions through the software.

ASUS Vito W1 Wireless Laser Mouse is the most unique mouse with a heart beat monitoring technology.

ASUS Vito Wi Wireless Laser Mouse have up to 5 buttons to click on. It’s certainly not a normal computer mouse since it adopted the 1200 dpi super sensitivity and up to 30 feet wireless controlling.

Now, ASUS really make their brand as real technology as this mouse is really “Heart Touching”! So, how is your feeling today? 😉

(via EverythingUSB)

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