Bookeen Cybook Gen 3- Amazon Kindle Killer?

There is a new ebook reading device called Cybook Gen 3, has rolled out from the sleeve of Bookeen. This device is believed to be able to beat Amazon’s proud Kindle out of to the space in no time. Is it true? So what’s special on this Cybook? Let’s check it out!

First, Cybook is not a mere ebook reading device like kindle. Beside it’s very thin design, it’s also the lightest ever reading device for your mobility convenience.

Secondly, you can use Bookeen Cybook to tune your favorite music while reading because Cybook support MP3 extension songs pretty well. Above that all, Cybook also capable of view images in many common format such as JPG, GIF, and PNG.

Well, because it’s a reading device, Cybook support all of the popular web text format and PDF file, including PRC and HTML.


  • Fast Switch on – 20 seconds to up and running.
  • Easy Content Management – Just Drag and Drop from your PC and Cybook will manage them for you
  • Adjustable Font Size
  • internal 512Mb memory to store up to 10,000 ebooks
  • 6″ E Ink® Vizplex screen – 600 x 800 pixel
  • Low power consumption on still image
  • Long Lasting battery – Up to 8,000 screen refreshes
  • Can Play MP3 songs at ease

Unfortunately, Bookeen Cybook have no touch screen feature like Kindle. This alone is a huge minus point for Cybook. But if you respect more on the weight and multimedia function, Cybook might be a good choice.

Available now at the official site, Bookeen Cybook Gen 3 is sold for $350 without the whistles and Bells. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you it also has a 12 months full warranty, so you can rest assure for 1 year long. 😉

So, do you think Bookeen Cybook Gen3 can become Amazon’s Kindle Killer? Hmmm… It’s a tough to answer.

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  • Len Edgerly

    No wireless connection, right? Without that, I don’t see this making much of a dent in the Kindle. If you try one, please let me know what you think of it. I’m doing a weekly audio podcast, The Kindle Chronicles, available at iTunes. Cheers.

  • Sxtal

    Personally, I don’t see the cybook providing much in the way of competition to Kindle. I don’t yet own an ereader, but have been doing a fair amount of reading about what’s currently available and making some comparisons of my own as I walk down the road to my purchase this year. In my estimation Kindle is still out front and will be for some time. First thing would be the price: Kindle is about $100 LESS EXPENSIVE. Kindle also has greater onboard storage capacity of about 1,500 books (3,500 on the DX). If you have more ebooks than that, swap them from your PC as needed. Kindle also has wireless (the DX has global wireless) to aid in the download of ebooks without the need of buying via PC, and you can also perform a search on Wikipedia. Also, Kindle has text-to-speech capabilities (if the author/publisher allows) that cybook doesn’t. I haven’t read anything about a keyboard (virtual or otherwise) on cybook. I could go on, but I think it’s already painfully clear. Although cybook presents itself as “not a mere ebook reading device like kindle”, it has far less capability. Physically they are on par with each other (size, weight, etc.). However, for the money (and every other reason) I’m sticking with the Kindle as my first ereader purchase.

  • merlin

    Booken (Cybook Gen3) do not complying with warranty

    If you plan to buy one of the BOOKEN ebook readers be careful!
    They do not complying with warranty.

    After few months of use of Booken Cybook Gen 3 (Gold) the screen remained blocked and it was not possible more to use.

    Asking to Booken for the reparation in warranty, they say that screen damage is not covered. Even demonstrating that it was due to an intrinsic defect and not to damage caused for example by a fall or an impacted by sharp object as keys, screwdriver, etc (the ebook reader was on the table in a safe place and I simply open again after some days) they will no comply with warranty and asked for the reparation a cost which makes more convenient to buy a new (different) ebook reader.

    Note that the warranty do not indicates that screen is not covered by warranty.

    NOTE also that the screen was NOT broken by a physical impact, because was just on the table and with its hard cover protection. I demonstrated to them that there is no sign at all which indicate a physical impact, but still they refuse the reparation.

    Therefore, if you plan to buy one of the BOOKEN ebook readers be extremely carefull. They do not comply with warranty and will charge yo you the cost of reparation.

    For the reparation, it is necessary to send in France, with also the additional cost of international mail, and thus it is more convenient to buy a new apparatus that repair, if the cost of screen should be charged. On the other hand, they know that make an international legal opposition (because technical assistance is made only at the company headquarter in France) is to complex and at the end more costly that buy a new one.

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