Stylish Diva Handbag with Solar Charger

Now, Ladies should be happy for the invention of this Solar Stylish Handbag Charger for either your lifestyle and your geek satisfaction.

This solar charger eventually will charge up your devices while you are walking gently across the street to attract attention with your sexy body and handbag.

Ladies Stylish Handbag with Solar Panels

It’s Ladies time to be a little bit geekier than men. This high tech bag’s surface is covered completely by a mini size solar panels to absorb sun’s rays.

What’s outrageous is this handbag can actually charge up to 5 of your gadgets and devices. iPhone, iPod, Nokia, earphone, etc.

Stylish Handbag with Solar Charger

What would you like more out of this little handbag? 😉


( via RegHardware )

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