Not So Expensive Luxurious Pro Gaming Table

The title is a bit strange today, yep, Luxurious often means expensive. But this Pro Gaming Table is really not so expensive compare to other similar gaming table for professional gamers.

Available for US Citizen only, this table utilizes a comfortable multi-tiered shelves for placing the gaming devices such as Multi LCD screen (middle, left and right), controllers, joysticks, keyboard, and so on.

Since it looks so luxurious, many of us would think it’s unaffordable, especially for midstream gamer with limited budgets. Well, it’s not true at all with this pro gaming table. It will only cost you at $379 for the whole set of multiple tiered table (excluding the gadgets and devices).

It’s a very reasonable price which is only about 1 full features cell phone price.

(via Coolest Gadgets)

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