Osim Nioi: Aroma Therapy Alarm Clock Concept

Osim Nioi is another unique stuff for your life. Though it’s a concept, I find it very interesting since it can substitute my annoying daily morning buzzing alarm clock that I want to use a big hammer to stop the sounds!

Osim Nioi is basically an aroma therapy alarm clock, which could send yourself into a deep and nice sleep with the good to smells scents and wake you up with the tasty smells of toast bread to stimulate your morning appetite.

Osim Nioi Alarm Clock

“A lavender tinge at night would make our sleep deeper and a baked-bread one who make for a fresh start to the morning. The designer has loads of them for varied benefits!”

— by Atul | TheDesignBlog

Osim Nioi Alarm Clock with Aroma Therapy

“Osim Nioi goes one step further and allows for up to 3 different scent cartridges that can actually be used to give you a more relaxing sleep.”

— by Isaiah | Techfresh

( Via TheDesignBlog | Techfresh )

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