Vibrating Alarm Clock – Wake You Up by Shaking Your Head

Here is another Alarm Clock for ruin your morning nice sleep. We have already covered a range of alarm clocks to destroy your dreams and wake you up. But how this alarm waking you up is pretty unique since it don’t use any buzzing annoying sounds.

Similar to Osim Nioi, this alarm clock use its vibrating ability to shake your head and wake you up.

“Setting the time and the alarm is done via a set of buttons that are hidden under a sliding cover which ensures they donā€™t get accidentally pressed in the middle of the night, and other notable features include a backup audible alarm in case you miss the vibrating one and a built-in LED flashlight.”

— by Andrew Liszewski | OhGizmo!

Make sure you remember that you have set this piece of vibrating alarm under your pillow. If not, you’ll think it’s an EarthQuake happening and that’s really make an unpleasant morning if you need to begin with a heart attack!

Currently available at LazyBone for $24.99. Ready to shake your head? šŸ˜‰

(via OhGizmo)

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