Eric Zhang’s Bubblehead Webcam Now Available

From the concept became a reality,  finally Eric Zhang makes his dream come true by making his Bubblehead Webcam concept into a real usable partner for your laptop.

Similar to what the concept is talking at, Bubblehead webcam inherit most of the features as drawn in the concept pictures.

BubbleHead Web Camera

From the Flexible hand to cling on everything, flexible joint to do any type of posses, and so on. Unfortunately, it seems the clock feature is missing in the actual product. I’m kind of love this features since it would be cool for a webcam to have an integrated LED clock.

Eric Zhang BubbleHead Web Camera Concept

Interested to have one? Now you can get this Pose-able personable webcam – the Bubble Head for only $50 at You can actually have more than one to get a bunch of bubblehead friends for your laptop,  also you can actually act it as your personal figure toys!

It’s just too bad they don’t have the super-bubblehead-man and friends! 😉

BubbleHead Webcam Heroes

(via Gadgetheat)

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