iBear USB Flash Drives – Bunch of Chubby Bears

Here is another cute USB collection for your decorating your desktop and laptop. iBear is a design from Taiwan and manufactured by NEXS. It’s a bunch of chubby figure I’ll tell ya. You will immediately fall in love to these themes packed and pretty cardbox design for each of the model.

iBear USB Flash Drives

There currently 4 models availabe, from the generous Santa iBear to the Devilish Daredevil with skull and horn on the figure!

“iBear USB Flash Drive helps you to bring your data on the go and also help to protect your flash drive in its head. And you can attach it to your bag, briefcase or backpack. So, don’t worry your flash drive will be lost in somewhere. Here comes with different characters! They are Baby Panda, Baby Angel, Baby Devil and Baby Santa. “

— by Gadget4All

collection of iBear USB thumb drives

Although the iBear figure is the host for the 2GB or 4GB flash Drive, I suggest you not to insert the flash drive into the figure. You’ll have a hard time pulling it out coz it’s so tight!

Okey, they are the cutest USB drives I’ve met for so long. I would really get one or two of them if I have the money to spend. Well, I’m not. Completely broke for now since I still have a list of gadgets queueing to kill my wallet.

Now if you have money to spend, each 2GB iBear will cost you only $22 and 4GB for a fair price of $37.

Just one warning for you before purchase. This stuff is HUGE if you want to use it as a cellphone strap. I recommend you only use it for your bag (like the picture below).

iBear as Bag Straps

Well, Happy shopping! :)

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  • charity

    how can i buy this

    • You should follow the ‘product page’ link below the article to go to the merchant site. Cheers! :)

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