New Wii Charger – Contactless Induction Charging System

You may have seen a charger that allow you to charge several cellphone together when you put them on a tray (wildcharge for example). But now it’s time for your Wiimote to be charged cordless and contactless.

This gadget by Sanyo seems haven’t crash the market yet and there is a lucky soul at DigitalWorldTokyo to first having the gadget for review. Here is the pictures I’ve taken from DigitalWorldTokyo:

It’s pretty great and still can charging even though a silicone case is in the middle between the Wiimote and charger. Well, I’m envying him. But it seems no further information on when it will hit the US market. Shouldn’t be long I guess…

( Price: ¥5,500 or $50 – via DigitalWorldTokyo )

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