Replica of Beijing Olympic Torch

If you are hot for the Olympic right now, you might need to get a touch on the replica torch which represent the real one!

Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Replica

It’s a cool torch made by the leftover steel in the construction of The National Stadium in Beijing. Well, because of the left over steel is limited, it makes this classic Edition of Beijing Olympic Torch available for 200,000 buyers only.

“The base is carved from crystal and features a laser-printed line map that illustrates the route of the controversial torch relay.”

— by Sean Fallon | NerdApproved

I guess Chinese really know how to make useless things into a glowing & blinking gold! :)

A stick of torch for whooping $500 dollars. Even more expensive than the gaming table that is as large as a flat! :)

Well, if you are a collector, you might find this interesting and you can get it at Beijing 2008 Olympic Store.

(via NerdApproved )

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