Brookstone’s Weather Resistant Wireless Outdoor Speaker

Have you got a chance to read about the Floating Speakers for your Bathtubs? It’s a nice collection of outdoor speakers which featuring both weather resistant and waterproof for bathtub.

Now here is another Weather resistant wireless outdoor speaker, just like the previous egg-shaped speakers we have been covered sometimes ago. Although you can’t submerge it to the water, it will be a good audio partner for your outdoor parties or events.

Beside have a wide coverage area up to 150-foot range. The signal can trust through walls, floors or any other obstacles within that range.

More Features:

  • Powerful 900MHz technology ensures your signal gets through.
  • No tuning ever! Phase Lock Loop circuitry automatically keeps a clear audio signal.
  • Three audio channels prevent interference with other cordless devices.
  • Blue lighting illuminates the wireless outdoor speaker for extra ambiance at night.
  • 5″ woofer and 1″ tweeter.
  • AC adapters included. Also runs on eight (8) D batteries (not included).

“Simply attach the transmitter to your stereo system and start enjoying music anywhere.”

— by Brookstone

This wireless outdoor speaker is now available at Brookstone for $150 only.

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