Jeppe Prototype – New Nokia Videoconferencing Pet

In the reach research by Nokia, they introduce us to a new type of gadget for supporting our video communication at home. This gadget is called Jeppe, a pet-like gadget which have many excellence feature for other than a video camera for your Nokia cell phone.

Jeppe New Nokia Prototype

The shape looks similar to a bug with two big eyes at the front. The two big eyes enable you to have a 2-way video call with your Nokia phone, while the wheels allow you to move Jeppe around like a R/C toy using your Nokia phone as the controller.

Jeppe Nokia videoconferencing controller

“The prototype has been designed by the Nokia Smart Spaces Lab to be a social robot creature that’s treated more like an electronic pet than a rolling slab of soulless hardware.”

— by Core77

There is more feature such as Jeppe can be remotely controlled from the internet and Jeppe also can moves independently with the help of internal Digital Compass and sound sensor.

“Jeppe can be controlled remotely — through a Nokia interface, conveniently — and zips through the home with its digital compass and sound sensors seeking humans to bother.”

— by Engadget

(via Core77 and Engadget)

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