Micro Size Cool Fridge

Watching the Olympic with your PC and need something chills to drink right beside your hand reach? or you have a small flat that can’t fit in a large fridge? Now here is the solution, get this Micro Cool Mini Fridge and things are solved! :)

It’s a mini size refrigerator for storing up to 6 cans of sodas or beers. You also have the option to stuff as tasty burger inside this mini fridge (by replacing 2 cans) for later digest.

“Compact size is portable and ideal for travel. Works great on or under office desk. Plugs into standard AC outlet or car, RV or boat lighter to chill drinks, preserve perishables or keep food and drinks warm with the flick of a switch.”

— by Taylor Gifts

Now you can cheer for your country in Beijing Olympic and you have no need to move away from your TV to get a soda and burgers! I Love that! 😉

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  • we’ve heard from a few customers that they find it really useful for around the office, keeping it onthe desk so their coworkers don’t snag their drinks or leftovers

    • Thanks for stopping by Michael! It’s absolutely useful. Really love this fridge and would consider to own one. 😉

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