SunTable Solar Charger – As Huge As Your Dining Table

Sudia Design Labs introduces you SunTable, a solar charger on the table top which function as not only a huge size solar charger, it also a table for your laptop, gadgets, cookies, and a cup of coffee for morning enjoyment.

SunTable Solar Charger Table

SunTable Dining Table size solar charger at garden

SunTable featuring weather-resistance material to sustain from rains and shiny sun. It also comes with an internal Rechargeable battery to store the energy for evening uses.

SunTable Pull Up the Solar Charger

For 4 hours of charge (battery max), you can use it for your electronic device for 4 hours long (laptops or other 24V electronics) or even longer for smaller gadgets.

Power Plug and Outlet for SunTable Solar Charger

“The voltage meter displays the voltage of the battery, and the hour meter displays the total hours the table has been on. Its electrical output is 12 volts DC, like a car. With the included inverter, you have a regular wall outlet.”

— by Sudia Labs

(Price: $2,200 | More Info: )

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