The Bird’s Nest Chair Concept – an Lounger for Olympic Cheering?

You know the ‘Bird’s Nest’ in China Right? It’s the other name for the Huge National Stadium in Beijing.

In a far sight, It looks like a sphere of self knitting steels. I guess with this concept, Timothy Schreiber design a lounger that closely represent the bird’ nest.

“The X Lounger is based on a single ray, traced along a periodic double curved surface. It’s close resemblance to China’s Bird’s Nest Stadium is a testament to how smart and functional this design is. Strong yet flexible without looking harsh and man made.”

— by YankoDesign

Comfortable or not, it’s depend on how you sit on this chair.  It’s pretty dangerous for a children since there are so many holes that allow their little legs to stuck in the chair. So, a warning is needed if this bird nest chair becomes available for purchase later in the future…

( Via YankoDesign )

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