Kenko Funny Conversion Lens for Mobile Camera Cell Phone Strap

Wuih, that’s a long headline. I can’t find shorter title for this hardware. It’s very true since this funny conversion lens from Kenko is both Lens and a cell phone strap.

With these lens equipped on your cell phone (don’t worry, it’s harm-free!), you can do may tricky photography with your cell phone camera.

There are so many effect you can play with them, such as:

  • Making a photo having a rounded corner
  • Add Star Effect
  • Make a snapshot looks sepia style
  • Add glittering light effect
  • Divide 1 image to 5!
  • Close up photo / zooming
  • and so many more!

Since capturing photo with cell phone is pretty normal now, why don’t you make some fun with it using these funny conversion lens? It’s pretty cheap to own one actually.

The price range is between $5 – $14, depend on what type of lens that you would like to have.

No worry, as I’ve told you just now, these lens is practically safe to use and it won’t break your cell phone camera. If you don’t trust me, then you should trust Kenko, the trusted camera lens brand producer who have been in business for over 50 years! 😉

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