T-Equaliser T-Shirt: Another Eyes Attraction

Last time we have the cap, and now here is the T-shirt for Men, the T-Equaliser T-Shirt.

Not much different from the cap, this T-shirt T-Equaliser also sound sensitive and react to any sounds near the shirt.

“It’s not some ironed-on picture of a classic LED equaliser (like the ones Capri drivers favoured back in the Harry Bigbutton 80s).

No, this particular equaliser is of the electro luminescent variety, and it actually reacts to the music it ‘hears’!”


Ok, the collection is complete now. Though it’s better for them to create another shorts or Jeans with Equaliser too, I think it’s already a big eyes attractor with both T-Shirt and T-Cap equipped together.

I bet you’ll have a hard time to get near to the pub counter as lot of peoples gonna say HI to you. 😉

Get it for £17.95 at Firebox.


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