DIY Speakers Cube – Will the Sounds Good Enough?

Here is a nifty speakers concept that I found at Technabob. It’s very creative to hook up 6 speakers together with some plastic sealer and wired them together. Just one question, will the sounds good or just a junk?

DIY Speakers Cube

The image above is not connected with the amp. May be it’s just for a desktop decoration for geek. But thanks to Paul’s precious effort to find us the similar square speakers at UK retailer, now you can get your hand dirty hooking up your own speakers cube and see how the sound is.

Personally, I don’t think this DIY speakers cube will fulfill our audio needs. I know it looks cool, but I’m really doubt on the sounds. Since it’s a Mylar Speaker which primarily uses for Sirens and buzzers, the sound will be pretty awful. Well, who knows!

(via Technabob)

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