Silverlit V-Beat Air Guitar – Another Cool Stuffs for Guitarist!

Would you like to play a realistic virtual reality guitar? Now I introduce you to V-Beat Air Guitar, a motion sensitive sensors air guitar with no string attached.

I guess you already have an idea about what an Air Guitar was. Now, this one is another model from Silverlit called V-Beat which comes not only the handle of the guitar, but also with the cool Electric guitar body shape function as the pitch adjuster.

Silverlit V-Beat Guitar

“The body and neck of your air guitar are broken into two separate pieces like your very own authentically smashed up guitar of rock legends. Move the neck closer or further away from the body to adjust pitch and use the pick to strum ultra sonic sensors for major, minor and 7th chords. Easy!”

Silverlit V-Beat Air Guitar

Here is a little tutorial for this awesome V-Beat Air Guitar:

OMG, it’s really awesome! 😉

This cool V-Beat Air Guitar is available for only £29.95 (around $48) at Gizoo. I’ll definitely get one of those!

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