Unique Yoga Candle Holders

If you have the interest in Yoga exercise, you may love what you see now:

Yoga Candel Holder

Yep, it’s a Yoga figure which function as a candle holders. Remember Yoga is the best stretching sport, having these little guy accompany us doing our Yoga moves is pretty interesting. Since Doing Yoga eat a lot of time, These little guy somehow will be a nice object to look at while shifting your Yoga move from one style to another slowly.

“These candles will bring balance and quiet to any room, just like yoga does for the body. Handmade using an iron rod, these unflinching stick figures demonstrate three yoga poses: the balasana (child’s pose), bhujangasana (cobra), and adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog).

Designed by Lauri Robbins Ericson, who was a Peace Corps volunteer and 18-year yoga practitioner, and handmade in India under fair trade partnerships. Her mission is to unite the spirit and aesthetic form of yoga with the artistic craftsmanship in developing countries. Each comes with one votive candle, color will vary. Handmade in India. Sold individually.”

Remembered Lauri Robbins Ericson is a Yoga Master who have been practicing Yoga for almost 18 years, those little guys posse is not a messy body posture. So, you are safe if you want to have fun imitating those little guys! 😉

Available at Uncommon Goods for $35.00 / each of the posse.

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