Google G1 Phone – Price Alerts

Here it comes the Google G1 Phone! Although it has not been released yet and no actual phone design, you will get have the opportunity to know the price before anything.

( Illustration by Christian Montenegro )

I’m not sure why this G1 Phone adopting a reversed marketing tactics, the usual cell phone will get cheaper over time, but not with Google G1 Phone. On the first week of release, Google G1 Phone will retail for $150 and will have another price rise up to $199.5 (33%) and finally arrive at the highest $400!

Thanks for Ubergizmo for warning us about it. for you who have an interest in this new baby, make sure to hunt down the detail of the launching date and get a grip on G1 Phone within the first week.

Let’s see if the launching will be as crowded as iPhone’s launching or not.

( Via UberGizmo )

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