Let’s Save the World with EcoButton

I know the world has become hot because of the climate chances and global warming. You may want to be a part of the world saver by contributing a small helps starting from your PC.

EcoButton is one of the solution to help you become a ‘hero’ of the current world. EcoButton will help you conserve wasted energy by ideld PCs and monitors, also helps you save up to £100 (600kgs of CO2) a year.

One small click, one BIG difference…
whenever your computer is going to be left idle, helping you save money and the environment. This could be from taking a phone call or break, to doing paperwork or going to lunch and meetings where otherwise the computer would normally be left on.

— by Gizoo.co.uk

EcoButton is your for £14.95 (around $24 only). You can get it at Gizoo.co.uk and read more information about world ‘saving’ there! 😉

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