Deep Dish Pizza Maker

I love pizza more than any other food. It’s just so tasty and the crispy edge really make a killing in my mouth. Last time we have the cool pizza scissor which is a eating made easy tools for pizza, while now it’s not about cutting stuff. It’s Pizza maker! Yeah!

Deep Dish Pizza Maker

I have no need to go to PizzaHut anymore! Each fresh pizza is ready to for chomping just under 10 minutes to cook with this deep pizza maker. You will smell the never-ending tasty aroma comes out from this pizza maker which would really make me really hungry before it’s done!

“The intense heat generated by this mains-powered baby delivers an authentic-tasting pizza with a gorgeously crispy base before you can say ’quattro formaggi’. (Well maybe a bit longer). Even a fresh pizza takes only 10 minutes. If you prefer your Giuseppe a little sloppier, just adjust the timer.

If you ever tire of pizza (as if), this idiot-proof appliance comes with a special deep dish for cooking all kinds of delicious snacks: from omelettes and pasties to quiches and croissants. Enormous ovens? Who needs ’em.”

(via Random Good Stuffs)

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