Portable Microwave powered by Car’s Cigarette Lighter Socket

Here is a life saver if you are a late-waker. Often if we who wake up late would skip our breakfast to chase for train or bus to arrive at office on time. But that’s really unhealthy since breakfast is the source of energy for our activity during the morning.

Now, if you own a car, you will have the convenience opportunity to make your breakfast in your car using this 12V Microwave:

Microwave powered by Car Cigarette Lighter Socket

Just hook it up to your car’s cigarette lighter socket and you can start making your breakfast while you are chasing like crazy on the road to avoid late arrival at your office.

“The in-car microwave can output a power of 175W when plugged into the car’s lighter socket. Alternatively, you can also hook it up directly to the car’s battery, which you’ll get a much higher power output of 660W.

If you’ve got more raw food to cook in the car, you shall consider connecting it directly to the car’s battery to give you more power to ensure the food is well cooked.”

More information available at Techchee.com.

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