SwitchEasy Rebel case for iPhone 3G

Rebel from SwitchEasy is another cool yet stylish iPhone 3G Case with multiple color selection available. IMHO, it’s look like a fish bone design to me. Especially the backbone plastic which is the UltraFrame™ hard protection system.

SwitchEasy Rebel iPhone Case for iPhone 3G

The key features of REbel is all about extra protection for your iPhone 3G:

  • UltraFrame™ hard protection system
  • Unique Micx Material Ultra Hybrid Design
  • Revolutionary special material ADSP (shock Jock) to protect the delicate finishing or your iPhone 3G
  • Complete protection for your iPhone 3G

Rebel Switcheasy iphone 3G Case goodies

SwitchEasy has come up with a case that’s cool first and frilly second. Each Capsule Rebel is made from three pieces: a hard, glossy plastic spine, a semi-soft rubber shell, and a completely clear film protector”

— by iLounge

SwitchEasy Rebel Case for iPhone 3G Stand


(More info: iLounge)

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  • brandon

    uHHH no…i have a case JUST like this and its called fishbone not rebel

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