7 Cool T-Equalizer Collection to Light Up Your Night!

T-Equalizer T-Shirt is really an awesome stuff for geek. Or to be specific, it’s a good tool for attention seeker to get almost an instant attention as soon as you wear the shirt on your body.

Remember last time I have covered the T-Cap and T-Equalizer, and now I’m going to cover the whole available series of Animated T-Shirt which also pretty cool to wear it around the pub and parties.
Let’s begin the collection for Girls:

1. T-Equalizer Pink Love Version

It’s basically a cool Love shape equalizer with pink based shirt designed just for girl. Let your chest become the first attention and it would be a great attention grabber if the girl’s body is sexy n hot! :)

2. T-Equalizer T-Shirt for Both Men and Girl

Second one is the T-Equalizer for men. Well, not limited for men only actually. Girls also acceptable:

Using light bright yellow and red color, a surefire color to pull lots of attention!

3. T-Equalizer T-Shirt V.2

Another version of T-equalizer with color differentiation. Instead of the light yellow and red, this version 2 use a purple and dark blue.

4. Unique Smile T-Equalizer

Have a smile guys! Here come the T-smiley in action. It helps you attract attentions and at the same time bring you the smiles from your surrounding!

5. Vorpal T-Rainbows Flashwear

T-Rainbows is not sound responsive but only a cool rainbows animation right on your chest.

6. T-Equalizer Music Edition

T-Equalizer Music edition comes with static dancing characters while the background equalizer will flashlight according to your surrounding sounds.

7. T-Dancer T-Shirt

Nothing could stop you from dancing and nothing could stop this girl from lurking her dances on your chest! Interesting T-Dancer T-Shirt delivered an unique animation of dancing girls above the circle style equalizer. very attractive wear for men.

Yep, that’s all of the collection. Anymore cool t-equalizer T-Shirt that I’ve missed? :)

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