ArtToolKit – Augmented Reality Application for iPhone

Augmented reality has finally comes to iPhone through an alpha stage software for iphone. Augmented reality is really awesome because we can interact with the virtual object true an webcam.

This technology has been a popular stuff and Japanese has created Alice the Maid which also an augmented reality virtual toy that you can actively interacts with her.

ARToolKit v4.4 has the same feature as Alice and it support native operation on iPhone. With ARToolKit, you are allow to create an AR (Augmented Reality) application, which use the real world imagery through iPhone Camera and interact with the object using iPhone’s touch screen interface.

ARtoolkit AUgmented Reality Application for iPhone

“the toolkit is in Alpha, so it’s only able to output at about 10 frames per second. I’m sure, however, that there will be plenty of optimization to get things running at faster speeds before it’s released.”

— By Paul | Technabob

Head over at Technabob to watch the movie of the toolkit application in action.

( via Technabob )

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