Bird’s Nest Astray and LED Lighter

Wanna have the huge bird’s nest National Station as your astray? Well, it’s as simple as entering the stadium and drop your ashes there.

But what about if you are at your home because of missing your opportunity to enter to the Beijing Olympic 2008 stadium? Well, here is the mini sized astray in a bird’s nest stadium design combo with the bird’s nest lighter.

Bird's Nest Ashtray and LED Lighter Combo

Last time we have the bird’s nest Non-cushioned wired-only lounger, now we have this astray and lighter. Well, you can “almost” feeling like sitting in the stadium and smoking your favorite cigarettes! :)

The most interesting feature is on the lighter LED. The LED will light as soon as the flame up. It makes a flashy styling with the gold plated color along the frames and the bird’s nest.

I’m sure $23 is worth for this two piece of art. There is more information available on the source below if you wish to dig more.

( CoolBuzz via Nerdapproved )

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