Leaked FreeAgent Disks – Freaking Cool Design

Seagate once again rolling out their new design of hard drive. It’s been a long time since they rolled out their FreeAgent Desktop and FreeAgent Go. Now it time to rock their users with this super cool hard drive design:

It promise a better color selection instead of one brown color (black, grey, silver, read, green, gold, pink, etc). I’ve told you these days gadgets are colorful. As colorful as the rainbows like the Dell Studio Hybrid. :)

Some leaked information at Engadgets told us that the holes in the hard drive is actually a glowing blue lights which will illuminated only when turns on. It kill me. I love blue led glowing light such as Acer Aspire Gemstone Laptop design. I’m gonna hunt this thing for sure!

Now it available! You can compare Seagate freeagent disk prices with the follow table:


(via Engadgets)

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