Silent Alarm Clock – Kill your Sleep Silently

Never-ending creation once again makes people design a cool yet useful alarm clock that is not annoying, and practically won’t annoying with buzzing sounds.

It’s a silent type Alarm clock which will wake you up with the wireless rubber ring with integrated vibration device. If you remembered the Vibration under pillow alarm which we have been covered several days ago, it’s the same technology with only some expanded concept.

Really clever to use a finger ring instead of the whole clock. And the clock actually shining when dark to show you the correct time. I guess this is an amazing concept that worth a realization! Nice work, Johan!

( YankoDesign Via TechFresh )

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  • Md

    Where to get it in Malaysia? What is the possible price?

    • Hi Md, this gadget is still a concept. So you won’t get it anywhere in this world! May be you should ask Johan when he will make this cool gadget a real thing! :)

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