23/6 Mobile PC Design for Fujitsu

23/6 Mobile PC for Fujitsu Laptop Design

What is this blue square thing? a cube or something? Nope, obviously it’s a mobile pc according to the headline! :)

But where is the keyboard? Well, here it is:

23/6 Mobile PC Folded Keyboard

Smart isn’t it? It’s cool design by Antenna Design for Fujitsu, well known Laptop manufacturer. This design is one of the winner for Product design at International Design Excellence Awards.

“This stylish lavender-colored Fujitsu laptop called the 23/6 Mobile PC features non-stop wireless connectivity, fast processing speeds, quick access to information, and advanced entertainment features, while running on Windows operating system. It is designed to be flexible, lightweight, and the user can fold it up to the pocketable size of a CD case.”

— by Sierra Monica B | TechPin

There is no specific specification for this cool design with minim interface 23/6 mobile laptop, and whether it will hit the market or not.

There is more information about this 23/6 Mobile PC and pictures over at TechPin.

(via TechPin)

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