Cool Flashy Ears Naughty Raymond USB Flash Drives

If you are demanding for more cool stuff in shape of USB flash drive, you have to check out Swarovski’s newest collection or you’ll regret it!

The latest design is a robot shaped USB Flash drive called Naughty Raymond. It’s a cool flash drive which the jewel ears will flashing and glowing when plugged in to your laptop. Check out this photo:

Robot Naughty Raymond USB Flash Drives

Swarovski's Naughty Raymond robot USB flash Drives

Featuring 2GB USB Flash Drive, you can definitely store up to 500 songs and as many as 2000 photos. Well, 2GB is pretty common these days. But the design is truly uncommon and pretty pricey to get one. The jewel ears will flashing while plugged in to your laptop. and the Strap is pretty long so you can hook both of the robot hands together.

Swarovski Naughty Raymond Flash Drives

According to the source I found, the price is around EUR 40 or less, but at the main site ( this cool shinning charm robot USB flash drive is selling for a whopping EUR 150 (convert to around USD $210).

(via EverythingUSB)

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  • jaybluenose

    where is your source for 40 euros or less please? thanks, jay

  • Hi Jay. Just follow the “via” link and you’ll see the statement at the bottom of the article. Although I’ve visiting the official site of this Naughty Robot, I can’t find that 40 EURO price in their catalog.

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