Cliphanger for Cell Phones – New Flashlight Version

If you tend to be annoyed by a cell phone stuffed in your pocket, here is a great convenience tool for your cell phone called Cliphanger, which allow you to free your pocket from cellphone and hang it outside.

Cliphanger is a very lightweight clip that you can attach (or to stick) at the back of your cell phone. Support most of the cell phone that have flat and sturdy battery door.

Once you set it up on your phone, you can either clip it at your bag or hang it on your jeans!

The latest version of Cliphanger is actually cooler because it cames along with a flashlight.

What could you ask more on this little gadget? It’s so feature-full and they really have underpriced this gadget for only $16.95 for the flashlight version. If you are interested please check their official site.

(via PopGadget)

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