Thanko USB Warmer Cushion – Best for Cold Season

The previous air conditioned seat cushion Sukukaze blows a cool wind to you ass, but this warmer cushion do the reverse thing, it warm you body through your bottom using USB power.

“USB Warmer Cushion is designed to help you warm up from bottom of your body. Though it looks like just a cushion, a slim flexible heater to warm the cushion is incorporated.

Even in the air conditioned room, lower part may not be warmed enough due to the cold air comes down. “USB Warmer Cushion” solves such problem. Just connect it to USB port of computer, it starts generating heat instantly, and warms you up from bottom of your body.

It can be placed on chair, seat or wherever you want. Since it is powered by USB, it can be used even when AC outlet is not available. “

With this piece of warmer cushion, you are ready to welcome cold season happily. I know it’s still early to do the welcoming, but prepare things before the season come is always a good thing. :)

( More information: Raremonoshop )

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