iPhone 3G Portable Power Station – Longest Battery Life

Additional battery always is a good thing for all of our electronic devices. iPhone in this story, is the most important electronic device that is thirsty of power. That’s why you need an extension of battery life to give your more entertainment and sometimes it will helps you in emergency moment.

Last time we have the iPhoneNeck and Kingston Battery Pack also a power station, Now you will get a much more stronger power pack for your iPhone. It’s the iPhone Portable Power Station for both first generation of iPhone and the latest iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3G Portable Power Station Installed

iPhone 3G Portable Power Station Installed

This type of portable power station promises a longer battery life for up to 18 hours of movie playback! It’s a great piece of accessories since it only cost not a mere $30+ for triple battery life.

For other Specification are stated below:


  • On/Off button to access the secondary battery when on, off use iPhone battery.
  • 90 degree flip as Docking for iPhone
  • Connect the charge cable to charge the iPhone and secondary battery simultaneously.
  • Light indicator show the working process. Light on for using the secondary battery and charge the iPhone. Light off for using iPhone battery only without charging.Red indicator means charging the battery. Silicone Case included.
Charging both iPhone 3G and the Portable Power Station

Charging both iPhone 3G and the Portable Power Station

There is two version available at the market. The first is the one that haven’t fully supported iPhone 3G and the other one is already supported. So far, the one that has fully supported is available at Brando for $38.


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