iStik – Magnet Fastening Case for iPod Nano 3rd Generation

If you found Clipping accessories such as cliphanger is not suitable for you, iStik may become your second choice if you are an active person who move a lot.

iStik Magnetically fastening Case - Only for iPod Nano 3rd Gen

iStik Magnetically fastening Case - Only for iPod Nano 3rd Gen

iStik is a unique carrying system which is safer to carry your iPod around and won’t even move an inch from the place your fit in although you jumps like monkey and hoops like gorilla. iStik is a magnetic fastening case especially designed for iPod Nano 3rd Generation that elevated the magnetism stickiness to hold your iPod in place.

Some of the technical detail and features are as follow:

  • Made of “bulletproof” Lexan polycarbonate
  • Magnetic system consists of eight ultra-strong Neodymium magnets
  • Made for 3rd generation iPod nano
  • Safe for use with iPod nano, keep a six-inch distance from Computer hard-drive
  • Not to be used if pacemaker is present
8 Ultra-Strong Magnets of iStick Case

8 Ultra-Strong Magnets of iStick Case

To wear iStik, it’s as easy as inserting the first polycarbonate plastic (with four magnets) to the position that you want to stik your iPod, and then you can put iPod with the case installed to the position and hoop!, they’ll stick together tightly and never let go.

iStik Magnetic Fastening Case is available for as low as $26.95 at Amazon. If you need more information and commentary, you can check out my source at PopGadget.

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  • Tom Collins

    My iPod just died because of sweat corrosion from my Nike armband. I wish I had seen this earlier. I’m back to using my Shuffle for now.

    • Oh dear, I’m really sorry for you iPod… :(

      Just make sure to have a best case like iStik if you plan to buy another iPod. Never compromise with anything that could hurt our gadgets.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting Tom! 😉

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